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i love it. <3 xposted

i'm sure you're all wondering what color i dyed my hair...

.. :)

click to find out!

an assload of photos ahead.

tell me how you like it. :)
It took me from 4am to 2pm to dye a section, let it set, dye another section, let it set, etc.. I always dye the sections seperately so they don't bleed when i rinse. I first rinsed with hot water to get most of the dye out, then locked it in with haircoloring conditioner and cold water, then went back to hot water. i used Manic Panic's Flavine, SFX Fish Bowl, SFX Atomic Pink, RAW's Hot Rod Red (in the front. its very, very bright so it looks almost pink), Raw's Purple Passion and Vicious Violet, Raw's Outrageous Orange, Raw's Georgeous Green, and Splat's Blue Envy.

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